How to get the RIGHT financial products

Published on July 4th, 2013 by Andrew McBay.

Well, for starters, don’t go to a bank! Ok, I would say that wouldn’t I? BUT, the truth of the matter is, banks don’t – or rather can’t – always work in your BEST interest.

If they don’t have the right product for you, they won’t direct you to the competition to get it… To secure your business, a bank will sell you one of their products that’ll (for sure) do, but there’s a good chance it won’t be the best the market has to offer someone with your exact financial circumstances.

So, how can you be sure you’ve got the right product for YOU? Use a finance broker (saw that one coming, didn’t you!) The fact is that, in the Aussie market, a broker will ALWAYS get you a better deal than a bank, because we have to know all the subtle differences between the banks that we deal with (approximately 35). So it’s absolutely worth using a broker.

The Money Room is 100% privately owned and aggregates through AFG       

But here’s where it gets tricky. Not all brokers are 100% independent. You might think they’re getting you the best deal, but actually, they’re bound to choosing from a panel of approved product providers or, indeed, one product provider (bank franchisees).

You MUST check who owns your broker’s aggregator. Take, for example, Choice, PLAN or FAST – all three are actually 100% owned by NAB. Use a broker with any of these aggregators and you’ll see NAB’s products in a very attractive light!

Using a 100% privately owned broker (aggregator) is the only way to ensure you’ll be presented with the right product for your specific financial situation. And, yes, you guessed it – The Money Room is 100% privately owned and aggregates through AFG, also privately owned.

But, I promise, this post isn’t just about enticing you to use our services (although you really should!); it’s also about empowering you to make informed decisions when it comes to your financial future.

The Money Room is passionate about providing financial education. Our ultimate goal is for our clients to have total control of their own finances. And choosing the RIGHT financial products is a very good place to start.

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P.S! Finding the best product for you is not just about the cheapest rate. Above all, a product has to suit your specific needs & circumstances.

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